It is no longer accepted that cardiac cases are looked after by a physician with a stethoscope and an ECG machine.

Our cardiology department was established over two years ago envisioned to go miles beyond this image. It is headed by a highly qualified cardiologist, assisted by other cardiologists. The ECGs are interpreted by computers as well as by cardiologists.

The Hospital is completely wired and equipped on real-time tele-monitoring.

The department is planning its next phase of cardiac catheterization and interventional procedures.

Our service

Qualified Doctors

Cardiology clinics are working 6/7 covered by consultants to ensure optimum care for our patients.

Most Important Diseases Addressed

heart diseases
Heart disease in women
Heart valves
Vascular diseases
heart attack
Blood pressure disease
Congenital defects Philippines
Echo imaging

Health information

We provide health education services to patients and community members to increase health awareness and develop their skills in relation to disease, prevention methods, treatment plans and alternative therapies

Physician’s Team