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As it designed Dietary diets for different diseases and continuing follow up of nutrition, and it doing some consultation for the patient, and evaluate the healthstatus , and providing food advisors for them under the super vision of a nutritionist.

For providing the following services:

  • Installation and removal of stomach balloon
  • Varicose and gastric varicose injection
  • Diagnosis and removal of colonic polyps
  • Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer
  • Removal of foreign objects from the digestive system
  • Diagnosis of ulcer colon
  • Injection and stapling of stomach ulcers
  • Gastric feeding tube installation
  • diagnosis and treatment of Crohn’s disease

Under supervision of
Dr. Essam Abdel Wahab
Consultant of internal medicine

What is the stomach balloon?

A small device in form of a balloon made of flexible silicone that is placed in the stomach cavity to reduce eating and thus losing weight

How is the stomach balloon inserted?

Through a gastroscope, a simple procedure that does not take twenty minutes and is done under conscious sedation

Can i leave the hospital on the same day of balloon insertion?

2 hours after balloon insertion, you can leave the hospital and expertise normal life second day

What are the complications of stomach balloon?

There are no major complications of stomach balloon if properly inserted, in addition to a feeling of nausea and vomiting, which quickly disappear within the first week of insertion. Your doctor will prescribe some medicines to help and reduce these feelings, especially in the early days of balloon insertion

When can I practice my normal life after installing the balloon?

In fact, you can practice daily life from the second day of the installation of colored, but it is advised to rest and sit at home for four to five days the duration of symptoms that occur after the installation of balloon as we said ...

When can I remove the balloon?

Balloon manufacturers recommend that the balloon be removed after six months of installation, when the balloon can withstand acidity of the stomach and it is not advisable to keep the balloon more ...

What should I do in preparation for balloon?

You should only attend the doctor who will weigh you, measure your height, perform a virtual examination, and some laboratory tests for the endoscopy.

My weight is higher than 130 kilo; Does the balloon suitable for me?

In fact, the balloon is effective in weight loss with food regulation and some sport, but some people may not respond to balloon. ,,, Also, the ideal weight for a balloon is a body mass factor of (28 to 35 kW per square meter), and heavy weights may need Patient to consult the surgeon of weight loss operations ,,,,

How much weight will I spend with the stomach balloon?

Approximately from 12 to 25 kg . Some cases had decreased more than that

What is new in stomach balloon?

Double stomach balloon and balloons that stayed for more than 9 months